Thursday, April 23, 2009

Important Nothings

One of my favourite Jane Austin quotes "Which of my important nothings shall I tell you first?"
Thats pretty much where I am today - a mixed bag of this and that.

Getting the house back together after the wild garden show weekend. This begs the question - how can one woman spread that much plant stuff about one house? It all seemed very strategic at the time but now just looks like a vegetation bomb went off....

Getting plant materials organised for the next great experiments...

Getting in touch with retailers to check interest in carrying the Forage potpourri range.
Marketing with a capitol "M" - its a whole new world.

Also taken to reading a shrub a day from Glen Blouin's "Weeds of the Woods" book. Its a great little book I picked up last year . Provides good descriptions and photos of the various small shrubs growing in the Maritme region as well as their various names - Mi'kmaq, French English, Latin...and uses both folk and practical. Not that folk uses can't be practical they just need to be approached with extreme caution - like using toxic red elder bark as an emetic. Yeweee

Nature Side Note:
Stinky the Fox has not been seen recently though his own particular raunchy funk continues as a reminder of his close proximity.
The raccoon is now becoming more familiar. He was swinging off the bird feeding platform outside the living room window the other evening. I tapped on the window, but he ignored me and carried on with his project of hoovering up bird seed. I went out with my digital camera and got very close to him. His response was to flatten himself on the platform and put a paw over his eyes - I guess like small children his theory was if he could'nt see me I could'nt see him either. The click of the camera sent him rocketing off the platform and in the delay between click and flash all I got was an empty platform. Next time....

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  1. Sounds like a nice crew of wild friends you are accumulating. And it is nice of you to put out a racoon feeder. We have those in Halifax, they are tall and green with little wheels on the bottom.