Monday, April 13, 2009

Snowy Easter

Well, the snow continues to fall.....Pretty demoralizing really.
Hopefully "this too will pass" because it really is time to get out there.

I have consoled myself with plotting the Potager plants for the season including a comprehensive review of my current seed collection. Chucked lots of old/unidentified seeds I have been carrying around for years. A seed purge.

Have been advised by many gardening gurus over the years to make your decisions and list of plants for the season before going to the seed catalogues or garden market. Sage advice indeed.
I have ended up with all sorts of improbable seeds for my corner of the world through being dazzled by descriptions and pictures when launching myself randomly at purchasing.

Seems there is not a lot I need to buy this year and what I do need I can get from either Vesey's Seeds (PEI seed producers) or Seeds of Diversity growers. I joined Seeds of Diversity just this spring. Its a national non-profit seed saving organisation dedicated to keeping strong heritage varieties of plants growing across Canada. Interesting stuff. Check out

I have plans to make teepee plant supports for tomatos and such from willow/red osier and went cruising a willow products website from UK for inspiration. In their workshop photo gallery were images of folks making just the sor of plant supports I was thinking of using a wooden box with holes as a sturdy base. A friend recently gave me a wooden drawer she had no use for but could'nt bare to see wasted and now it has a new purpose - plant support weaving base. I'll post photos of it when it is in action.

Wildlife Note
No sign of Stinky the Fox today . Usually when I go out in the morning the air is redolent of his particular musky funk. Not so today, I figure he must be bummed out by the weather aswell and lying low somewhere in a state of depression.

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