Friday, April 10, 2009

"Spring" into action

Bright and sunny today... so far at least
According to the forecast this is not likely to continue so I am off outside to do some yard work/wildcrafting prep while the going is good

Going to cut the shoots from the base of the trees lining the driveway. This has'nt been done for some years and things are looking a little untidy. I can save the longer of the shoots for bean poles and save myself needing to cut more later on when time will be at a premium.

Doing a little experimenting today. Will use the glycerine process to preserve some of the willow and red osier branches in their lusterious bud stage. No idea if this will work, but leafy branches have remained suptle when I've used the process so am willing to test that leafless branches will do the same. This means if used in wreaths and such later on they won't have that dull shrivelled look that dried materials tend towards.
Its worth having a go at any rate.

A first quote from my man, Francis Bain - Victorian Island Naturalist whose nature journals I have been reading over the course of the winter.
"April 11, 1878
The spring has come with its sunny skies and its balmy southern breezes"

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