Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stinky the Fox grows bold...

Well, the pussywillows have taken off as I guess pussywillows are prone to do. I've been willow wrangling in the workshop.
I think things are in a state that might be vaguely referred to as under control. For now.....

Been lured outside into the garden by a breif glimmering of Spring. Seems we are back to winter for Easter Sunday. No comment.
There is an awe inspiring amount of work to be done in the grounds. Going to be a challenge all round.

Got some locally grown organic seed and soil in the Summerside Market today. Will do some seed starting during tomorrow's blizzard. Still no comment.

Nature Aside Note
Stinky the fox barked at me through the living room window the other night. Frightened me half to death with his raspy woof sounds.
He's getting bolder by the minute. Will be waiting for me on the front doorstep soon tapping his foot and saying "And what sort of time do you call this to be getting back?"

A robin started building his/her nest on the main door lintel yesterday. Bad place to choose as the robin apparently figured out for itself. When I got back from the market, it had removed the nest beginnings to a new location.

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  1. Does the fox hang out with you? Is he by himself? Is he scruffy? Too bad he stinks.