Thursday, April 9, 2009

In the Pink

Been harvesting some really wonderful willow and red osier and getting all sorts of ideas as a result.
Must focus on the task at hand...prep for the Garden Show next weekend.

The spring branches are coming along well, in fact a little too well. Seems the pussywillows really like their new environment and have decided to bud a little ahead of schedule. This means removing them from water tomorrow and bunching upside down to stop bud development.
New to me are the pink pussywillows - not seen these before. Is this a type of willow or is the Island red clay effecting pussywillow colouration? Suspect its the former but will consult with my new book given by a friend, Willows, The Genus Salix by Christopher Newsholme or everything you ever wanted to know about willows but it had'nt even occurred to ask.

A Nature Sidenote
I am supposed to be writing about wildcrafting but live in the midst of such interesting animal times that fur and feathered asides are just going to be a must from time to time
I seem to live with a fox. He's around daily and apparently not the least bit concerned about me. Yesterday, as I was leaving the house, I spied him sitting on the colonaded porch . He was wearing his ears out straight with a half lidded glance and a sort of
"Yeah baby" stance to his whole demenour. I think I'll call him "Stinky" because he does. He probably thinks of himself as more of a Zeus or Max but he's Stinky to me.

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