Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Forage Gene

Heard on CBC's Quirks & Quarks program yesterday that there is a foraging gene present in human beings. Marvellous. I should have always suspected this to be the case. I always figured foraging to be a completely natural thing to be doing but to know we are genetically predisposed to do so is just great.
I really am doing just what comes naturally....

Speaking of foraging, my expedition to harvest road side branches yesterday was thwarted by the spring melt. The ditches that are'nt still full of snow are perilous places in either swampy or downright torential condition. A forager's life is so very tied to the vageries of the weather. Think I'll try again today because you just never know and things move quickly during the melting season.

Went for a walk in the Cavendish National Park with a friend yesterday. Definite signs of spring melting there though we mainly stuck to the paved roadway and the beach. Well, there was an incident involving inching along a rail fence because the path was deeply sunk in water. Guess signs the say "Path closed" should be observed.

The peepers have started their song. Now spring is really on the move.

The Knit Pickers newsletter arrived in my e-mail last night. Features article about the new season at Avonlea Village, Cavendish and the six new artisans to join the gang and this includes me and my wildcrafted products. A whole new adventure - should be both fun and rewarding.

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  1. Ooh, that incident involving the rail fence sounds like a good ol' fashioned Spring adventure. Would love to read the longer version of the story, including all gory details. :)