Saturday, April 4, 2009

Launch Day

Today sees the launch of the new "From Our Atlantic Woods" directory of producers of great things from the woodlands.
Its a great little resource, both hardcopy and on line, filled with all sorts of interesting information. Not only can you find contact info for all sorts of nifty things, the guide includes recipes for food made from wild harvested plants and berries plus information about various woodtypes and more.
check out
My little business Forage Greenery and Heritage is pleased to be included in the directory - now part of a national initiative to promote natural products harvested from the countryside.
Great stuff!

For further inspiration this morning I got out my "a greener life" book and started looking through the pages. The book is British so some information just does'nt apply, but lots does and I love the irreverant tone and personalities of the authors that come through in the writing.
A favourite quote from Clarrisa Dickson Wright "Only for you, dear reader, would I write this section. We all have something we hate in this world and, long before Mr Blair, my hatred has always been reserved for carrots..."

Now onto working with some of the potpourri blends I am maturing for product launch at the PEI Garden Show in a couple of weeks. The blends are made from plants and flowers harvested on the Island during the last growing season. They have such names as Island Flowers and Island Aromatics and are packaged in recycled fabric sachets or cellophane bags for customers to put out in a favourite bowl. It will be interesting to gauge the response to these products.

On my way to meet a friend for a walk (optimisticaly in the sunshine?)later today I am going to harvest some red osier and willow from roadside ditches. Part of my sales offerings for the garden show are going to be bunches of mixed spring branches in flower and bud and I need to start forcing these soon so they are in prime growth for the show. Wish me luck - the ditches are still full of snow and things could be challenging.....


  1. Heya - a few photos would be interesting ... From a non-forager in Baku.

  2. Thanks for sharing that link. I'll have to check out the From Our Atlantic Woods site. It looks intriguing at first glance.

  3. Am going to work on the photos for Blog- have help
    I do have a facebook page for Forage Greenery and Heritage and starting to get photos up there so if you Facebook let me know and we can link up that way as well.