Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Days

First a report on experiments

Forcing branches - the hawthorn started off really well with the leaves opening with their lovely lacey edges. The blossoms failed to mature and withered. Not sure if they were picked just to soon to succesfully force, or could be bacteria in the water or some thing attacked from the air. Worth trying again I think. The bay branches are slow to bud but now seem to be coming along nicely. Finally happening a month after cutting - very long time to be forcing something but not surprising as bay leaves are some of the last to emerge in the spring.

The branch glycerine experiment seems to be working out ok. Time will tell on this but I am encouraged and will follow through on making the door wreath. Must remember to take photos...

Been off in the ditches harvesting willow and red osier for various projects. Its the best time of year to be doing this as the sap is flowing and no leaves to contend with, also the red osier is at its brightest. Time to some sorting and bunching for storage as at present they are all lying outside in strategic clumps.
A local craft store has agreed to take my potpourri blends on consignment. This is a good start and will continue to develop this end of things. Also means must get more blending underway. It takes 6 weeks to mature a potpourri blend and they can only be done in small batches and need to be turned daily. Labour intensive work to be sure.

Nature Side Note: Stinky the Fox has been seen by a visiting friend who was most impressed with his size. He is a fine specimen of fox indeed - too bad he stinks.

Yesterday evening there was a strange metallic rat a tat tat outside. I roamed about to find the source and eventually saw a Hairy Woodpecker standing squarely on the top of the metal mail box. He'd pause for an even space of time and then repeat his tapping sequence - a bird in the groove.


  1. This guy?

  2. Yes - the mailbox rapper is a male hairy woodpecker. Theres little difference between the downy and hairy woodpeckers except size. The mailbox rapper seems hairy size. He's been back to do more rapping so he's enjoying the groove.