Monday, June 1, 2009

Wild food harvesting

This really is'nt wildcrafting, but once you are out in the countryside looking for useful, lovely things you just naturally end up broadening the range of possibilities.

Wild food is now available. Took Dianna Linder of Historic Maplethorpe B&B on a fiddlehead identification jaunt recently. View her Blog at to read all about it. A visiting friend came along and we later turned our harvestings into cream of nettle soup and fiddleheads in parmesan butter. Tasty stuff.

I've also been into the streams hereabouts for fresh watercress - lovely peppery greenness.

The cooking experimentation continued with fiddlehead tart concocted the other night and inspired by Dianna's comment that you could use fiddleheads in pretty much any recipe calling for asparagus. Its true.
Busy these days getting the gardening side of the Forage operation fully up and running. Am now at capacity for clients and am just fine tuning their scheduling - need to forage aswell. The growing season is going to be very very busy. Hopefully better Summer than last year or things could be very challenging indeed.

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