Monday, June 1, 2009

Hummingbird Feeder

This is another nature side note but truely one of note for me.

A little female hummingbird got herself stuck in the back porch the other evening. I left the back door open hoping she would find her way out. No luck as she was still there the next morning in a very battered state. I coaxed her outside where she continued to frantically fly about in the roof of the outer porch.

Finally got her down from the rafters and she clung to branches I have fixed around the doorway. There she stayed for a very long time quivering and covered in spider webs. Her mate whizzed about close by. He appeared so quickly that he must have been watching for her.

I thought she must be dehydrated after her long bad ordeal so brought out a small bowl with sugar syrup for her. She did not respond to the bowl held closely but when I dropped some syrup from my finger tip she began feeding. I could actually feel her tongue

It was an amazing experience. We stayed feeding for quite a long time and she flew off shortly afterward.

A rare and wonderful happening that will last with me for a lifetime.


  1. wow, you are not kidding! thanks so much for sharing it.

  2. Oh my! What a wonderful story and some fantastic pictures to go with it too!!

    Yes, thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh.. what a blessing for you. My Hubs and I just love feed the birds and his favourite of all time is the hummingbird. How wonderful that you could be of such service to this tiny creature.