Monday, June 29, 2009

Lupin Season

The season of the lupins is here and the roadsides & fields
of Prince Edward Island are brimming with their
wonderful colourful selves.
Personally, I've always thought roadsides the best place for them. After flowering they are pretty untidy wretched looking things and very prone to insect infestation.
Apparently, they are highly useful plants and one of the great unexploited possibilities for multipurpose greenery. In 1917 Dr Albert Thomas hosted a conference for botanists which featured the many splendid uses of this plant - they had lupin coffee served on lupin tablecloths and were even served liqueur distilled from lupins.
Sounds like the possibilities are pretty broad - for now am going to stick to admiring them on roadsides. Experimenting in the future is always possible - just need to find the time.

Foraging season is well underway. The roses are out now and so am harvesting in between gardening jobs. Very soon I'll need to be harvesting varieties of other plants for drying aswell - meadow sweet, pineapple weed, ferns, yarrow, etc...
Its all go...

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